The Impact of Frequent Fake Orgasm When Making Love

The Impact of Frequent Fake Orgasm When Making Love

Women or men sometimes have fake orgasms during intercourse. There are several reasons why this is done, for example because you want to satisfy your partner. However, if done too often, fake orgasms can have an impact on relationships with a partner.

Orgasm is a sensation of satisfaction that is achieved when having sex. In women, this pleasure is characterized by tightening of the pelvic, clitoral, and vaginal muscles, then relaxing again. Meanwhile, orgasm in men is characterized by ejaculation.

The Impact of Frequent Fake Orgasm When Making Love
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Orgasm which is considered as the peak of pleasure is often used as a benchmark of satisfaction during sex. However, men or women can sometimes fake orgasms during sex.

Various Reasons Why Fake Orgasms Are Done

Fake orgasms can be done by men and women. However, some studies show that women more often fake orgasms during sex.

There are several reasons why someone has a fake orgasm, including:

1. Want to please your partner

One of the main reasons why someone fakes orgasm is because they want to please their partner. For example, when a woman reaches orgasm, even though it is actually a fake orgasm, her partner will feel that he is good at making love, so he too feels satisfied with his abilities.

2. Want to increase partner's confidence

Similar to some women who often feel insecure about their body shape, there are also many men who feel insecure about their penis.

Orgasm in women makes men believe that regardless of whatever shape and size of the penis they have, he has the ability to be able to make his partner reach the peak of pleasure during sex.

3. Lack of sex education

Some people assume that sexual intercourse must end with an orgasm, even though this is not right. This assumption grows due to lack of sex education or maybe because of trends in some 'blue films', where all sex offenders almost always reach orgasm.

4. Fear is considered to have a disorder

When it is difficult to reach orgasm or even never experienced it, some women tend to fake it for fear of being thought to suffer from sexual dysfunction.

5. Fear of losing a partner

Studies show that women who often fake orgasms do so for fear that they will not enjoy intercourse. This makes a woman afraid of her partner disappointed and looking for sexual satisfaction with other women.

6. Desire for intercourse to be completed quickly

Another reason someone has a fake orgasm is so that intercourse is over quickly. For example, when the body is tired, the mood is not good, worried about the child waking up, or when it is felt that orgasm is still far away.

The Impact of Frequent Fake Orgasms

Occasional fake orgasms don't actually have much impact on one's health or psychological condition.

However, if it is often done, especially if it has become a habit and tends to be done in the long run, the habit of faking an orgasm can have an impact on your sexual quality and your relationship with your partner.

As a result of this habit, it is not impossible if you will be increasingly difficult to reach a true orgasm. In reaching orgasm, it requires openness and cooperation with partners in exploring each other's body and sexual preferences.

When you fake an orgasm, your partner will think that you are really satisfied, so he feels no need to improve or change the technique of sex that has been done.

In addition, often making fake orgasms can also cause several other effects, namely:

Loss of emotional closeness

Sex is not only about physical relationships, but also emotional. A study shows that people who are confident and satisfied with the relationship do not need to fake orgasms. This is because they have been open about each other about sex and have accepted themselves and their partners as they are.

Lost trust

Faking an orgasm when you are not experiencing it is tantamount to lying to a partner. He might not say it, but maybe he could feel it.

This can make your partner always doubt whether you have reached a real orgasm, even though you really have an orgasm.

The key to enjoying sex is communication and openness with a partner. You do not need to lie to a partner with fake orgasms, instead guide your partner to help you achieve a true orgasm. Tell your partner things that can make you excited or try to do longer foreplay.

Several factors related to physical and mental health conditions can indeed make it difficult for someone to reach orgasm and be a cause of sexual dysfunction. If during this time you or your partner find it difficult to orgasm despite getting optimal stimulation, do not hesitate to consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

A psychologist or psychiatrist may suggest marriage counseling as a way to improve communication and sexual satisfaction with you and your partner and overcome the habit of having fake orgasms.

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